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    Who cares if it’s Halloween or New Year? After all, you haven’t
    worn a watch since you lost that bet about Beelzebub’s 44 names
    when you were 14. If you could see the curve of their neck under
    the street light again, smell their hands after the oath. It’s hot
    outside and the sparks from the bonfire gather around their head
    like a halo. Their eyes won’t shine as fierce as this ever again.
    Please, Lucifer, what are you waiting for?

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  • Roots pin
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    You’ve been on the road since dawn and you don’t feel like talking
    to that other walker you encounter after a clearing in the woods.
    Will they confuse you with a vulgar flâneur? A city dweller on their
    Sunday walk? This pin will make clear that you don’t belong here
    anymore than you belong there, that you have had wanderlust
    sewn under your skin since long before it was the name of a
    hipster font. Let the moonlight reflect upon its metal surface so the
    beasts of the forest will leave you alone while you sleep under the
    stars or out in the squat backyard.


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  • God pin
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    Because the notion of us seeing ourselves and recognizing ourselves free and wild and powerful and complete still scares them. Because we choose our own bondages and our own imaginary friends. Because they can’t burn us at the stake anymore. Because we carry the all-seeing-eye in the center of our forehead, in the palm of our hand and now also on our lapel: God is a prison. Now in metal. Now closer to your heart.

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