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    Tote bag in black color and size 39 x 42 x 13 cm. Unisex. Stamped on the front. Original design by Waikiki Please.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 19,90

    A tote bag the color of red wine! Or ripe cherries. We love cherries. Blood-colored ones. We witches know an awful lot about blood and wine, herbs and fertile ground, rain and fire. It’s been burning inside of us for generations. It’s the fire that lights our eyes. The one that makes us close out fists and close the circle to defend our sisters and trace circles on the ground to protect our people. It’s the fire which is half animal, half human, 100% friend of plants, seeds, flowers and seasons. It’s the fire that burns in our womb, the fire of pleasure and the fire of creation. Their stakes fall down before our fire. We didn’t back down then, and we will not back down now. This is the ultimate tote bag to keep your spells log, the moon calendar, our many oracle decks and the magic ingredients we forage during our walks in the woods.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock


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