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  • Light patch
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    There are people who keep their demons organized by weight and color, catalogued in trading card albums, displayed in fish bowls under the kitchen’s halogen lamps. There are others who lock them under the floorboards and only addresses them in a low voice once a year, for Lent. Maybe also for Samhain. With this patch we encourage you to take the middle path and let your demons land on your favorite jacket and light your steps. You can also ask, like Gram Parsons, that they grant you vision and speed. Gram asked his lord, you ask yours.

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  • Home tote bag
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    • Because I’ve just dug the ground with my bare hands and I’ve got shivers down my spine.
    • Because we begun to play and suddenly in the middle of the song we got so lost that we would love to stop for a bit so the drummer can regain momentum.
    • Because I’m hungry and /or tired and/or sad and/or about to break something, all at the same time, and I want to be able to put a name on it

    Because we all could make a list of reasons to ask Lucifer to stop the time and take us home. And home is not necessarily a place. It can be this black tote with a 2-color design which, among other things, helps with daily wear and tear. And you will use it daily – it has loads of space for when you go shopping for records, books and zines, and also if you go to the farmer’s market. Perfect for your packed lunch and clothes for that weekend break. Hey, you need to be ready for everything.

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