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Tomb tote bag


Fill your bag with dreams, plans and projects. But expectations, really? That’s like a nursery for frustrations. Never heard that one? Having expectations is like sowing frustrations in a nursery. So keep it in mind: dream, but plan also. Plan, and trust your plan, but don’t get too attached at the result. Usually it’s in the process where the good stuff lays. Fuck expectations. Fill your bag with dreams, plan, projects, 7” singles and 12” LPs. Made of resistant black cloth, which remains clean for longer. Just like your garden when you dig with your hands even though the snakes are lurking. In your face, snakes. Hello there, lovely tote bag.

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Canvas tote with a thickness of 270 gr / m² unisex and 100% cotton in black. The material gives the bag great robustness, making it resistant to various types of weight depending on the use that you want to give. The handles, 58 cm, are long for comfort allowing you to carry it on the shoulder or in hand. Its large capacity is 20 l to save everything you need.

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Dimensions35 × 23 × 14 cm
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